Every spring something magical happens in upstate New York.  The snow melts, the ground thaws and the cycle of life begins yet again.  How does that translate to the wedding industry? Substitute “life” with “trends” and you have the newest hot topic in the world of weddings.  And like all trends, the only way to test them is through the passage of time.


It seems that over the past few years off-site alternative wedding venues have become a huge trend, especially for those living in New York City.  First it was the historical mansions along the Hudson River then it was 18th century dutch barns restored with modern amenities.  Now couples are getting married in steel factories that have been stripped down to their architectural bones and churches cleansed of their religious history.


Now you might be asking yourself, how does someone getting married in a barn, warehouse or church feed 200 guests when there is no kitchen on site?  That’s where food trucks come in!!  Although some of you may associate food trucks with those selling cupcakes or sliders on the street, not every food truck is setup to sling food curbside.  Some food trucks, like the ones we own, have full commercial kitchens on board designed specifically for off-site catering.  Think of a food truck with a full commercial kitchen as a mobile restaurant that can provide your guests with fresh food prepared on-site from scratch just moments before you take the spotlight.
So are off-site alternative wedding venues just a trend?  Only time will tell…..