The Great Northeast is known for many things – One is magnificent and magical alternative wedding venues.  From historic mansions to restored barns to repurposed industrial spaces, there are more fantastic wedding venues than we can list.  If our food truck is catering a wedding One wedding venue that we often find our food truck catering is barn venues.


Everyone knows how hip and trendy barn weddings have become. However, we think there is more to this than trendiness. Many of the barn venues in the Hudson Valley and Adirondacks have embraced the true heritage of the properties past.  From rustic redesigns to repurposed wood for farm tables, your guests will be utterly impressed with the character of a barn venue.


That being said, many of the barn venues in the Hudson Valley have retro-fitted their property with modern amenities to be a wedding wonderland of sorts: outdoor lighting, updated plumbing and even guest cottages for the wedding party.  No matter what amenities the particular barn venue offers or doesn’t offer, they all have one thing in common – Food Truck Friendliness.


  1.  Food trucks are great for catering weddings at barn venues are usually situated on a larger piece of property so that you can utilize different areas for different stages of your event. Imagine having your ceremony under a willow tree, a cocktail hour grilling station under a covered pavilion and your family style main course inside the barn.


  1. A food truck equipped with a full commercial kitchen on board is like a restaurant on wheels which allows your food to be cooked on-site just moments before your event.  But do your homework because all food trucks are not created equally.  Food trucks that lack the firepower needed to cook on-site will cook your food hours before the event and transport it in warming boxes.


  1. Don’t get us wrong, there are some pretty amazing ballrooms in the area which make for beautiful photo backdrops but they just aren’t a good fit for everyone.  If you’re looking for a venue that has tons of character and charm, for your photographer to capture a barn venue is right up your alley.


If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a barn wedding venue, the next order of business is choosing the wedding caterer. Give us a call to see how we can help make your reception the tastiest ever!