We don’t want to be rude or anything, but have you noticed that a lot of corporate events tend to be kind of boring?

And no, we’re not really talking about the subject matter – we’re talking about the food! From what we’ve heard from our customers, these events provide the same types of food, time after time. There’s a salad, some bread, usually some chicken, and maybe a pasta dish for the vegetarians.

That’s all well and good occasionally, but for every single event? No, thank you! If you’re about to host an event for a bunch of hungry corporate managers and executives, it might be time to take the cuisine to the next level.

Corporate Catering Trends: 4 Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out

To truly make your upstate NY corporate event really stand out, try one (or more!) of these corporate catering trends.

Innovative & Creative Catering

Instead of hiring the same old type of catering company, why not hire an innovative and creative catering company? Cutting edge caterers can:

  • Creating a menu based on your guests’ preferences.
  • Serve a variety of ethnic foods (not just Mexican or sushi), like Vietnamese sandwiches.
  • Serve fusion foods, like a Mexican-Korean BBQ sandwich or roll.

BBQ Catering

Yes, even BBQ can be served at a catered corporate event. BBQ doesn’t have to be messy, especially not the way we serve it. Your caterer can serve BBQ in the following ways:

  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
  • Sliced brisket with a wonderful salad and sides
  • Smoked salmon or pork loin chops
  • Dry rubbed ribs (less messy than those drenched in sauce)

Round Table Discussions & Breaks

There’s nothing like sitting in one spot all day listening to someone talk on and on about technical jargon or stuff we might not really care about to make our eyes glaze over. Let’s stop the insanity, shall we? Instead, try a roundtable discussion. It’s a great way for people to learn, engage, and think of new ways to tackle problems.

Another tip: get people out of their seats and moving. Take frequent breaks to allow people to walk, dance, or do anything else that will get the blood flowing. It might even be a good idea to offer snack breaks. Kids get healthy snacks throughout the day, why shouldn’t adults? Your caterer can set out some light snacks that will refresh your guests so they’re ready to keep learning.

Get Done Early

This one is important. Nearly everyone in the corporate world has read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, and you’ve probably heard of one of his rules: begin with the end in mind. This shouldn’t just be applied to deadlines and work projects; it should apply to your corporate event as well. Not only will it help you schedule your time wisely, it will give you the opportunity to end early.

Believe us – your attendees will be pleasantly surprised when you announce that the event is over fifteen to twenty minutes early. It’s been a long day and you all did a great job. Go ahead and reward everyone with a break at the end of the day. And, to make this little surprise even more special, have your caterer serve a special “we made it through the whole thing” desert. Or, perhaps have them lead your guests to a chocolate truffle bar. Now that’s a reward!

With Rogue Hospitality You Will Never Host a Boring Corporate Event Again

Boring corporate events can be a thing of the past. If you or your company is in charge of planning and/or hosting a corporate event, bring some excitement into the mix with Rogue Hospitality. We can serve all of your Hudson Valley catering needs, including BBQ catering in Albany, NY and other areas of upstate NY. When you follow the latest catered corporate event trends, your 2017 events will be the talk of the town.

Is it your job to host a corporate event? If so, get all of those busy, hungry executives coming back to you for more with our food truck catering. Contact us today to find out more!