Is there any way to save money on a wedding? It may seem impossible to some, especially those in upstate NY and the Hudson Valley. However, there is one way to cut costs for your wedding without losing quality: hire an off-site wedding catering company that will cook your reception menu in a food truck. Just how much money can a food truck wedding caterer save you?


Just how much does a wedding in the Hudson Valley cost? Things can get really pricey really quickly for couples planning their wedding. Most couples have noticed a mark-up on anything from the food to the flowers to the music. In fact, many couples have reported paying over $25,000 more than the national average for their Hudson Valley wedding. That price—anywhere from $46,000 to $52,000—is staggering! Where does all of the money go?

Just about every part of a wedding is going to have some sort of mark-up. This includes catering. Catering for an off-site wedding costs more for a couple of different reasons. For one, there are the standard catering costs: overhead, travel time, prep time, groceries, cooking time, serving, and cleanup.

Another reason things can get rather pricey is because most couples want fresh food. What? It’s true—if a couple wants food cooked fresh at their wedding, it is going to cost more. Caterers oftentimes require couples to rent a catering tent, coffee pots, chafers, convection ovens, and other cooking tools. But, when a couple chooses a full service food truck caterer like Rogue Hospitality, they don’t have to worry about these extra costs. All of our food trucks already come equipped with those items, thereby making this one of the most affordable choices.


A full service catering company utilizing a food truck as a restaurant on wheels can be a huge money-saver for a variety of reasons. The major reason for this is that the trucks are already equipped with everything that’s needed: a full kitchen with refrigeration, as well as cleanup and storage areas. And, there are no extra fees for busing tables or cutting wedding cake.

Traditional caterers will generally cost more for an off-site wedding because they are not able to bring their restaurant to the wedding venue. With food truck catering, all of that equipment is already on board. Therefore, with a food truck catering company, you could end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Instead of cutting back on something you truly want—that awesome DJ, the perfect dress—why not skip the pretentiousness and save some money by choosing a gourmet food truck catering company?


Just how good is wedding food from a food truck? In our estimation, it’s simply amazing. Why you ask? The food truck will arrive at the wedding venue four to five hours prior to the ceremony to begin food preparation.  Using local ingredients our culinary team will prepare your meal just moments before dinner service and trust us, your guests will taste the difference!

The other great thing about using a food truck company to cater your summer wedding is that we are not limited to just one type of cuisine. Our chefs have years of experience under their blades and we encourage our culinary team to be creative and have fun when developing new recipes.  So whether they are creating a dish that infuses two cultures from opposite sides of the world or a dish that contains traditional ingredients with a modern twist, we can do it all!


Wedding expenses can quickly start piling up. It can be difficult to decide where to cut costs. After all, every couple would love for their wedding to be deserving of Instagram posts for #weddingwednesday and #InstaWed.

But eventually, reality sinks in and exceptions have to be made. Thankfully, there are ways to save money without losing out on a picture-perfect upstate wedding. One way is by choosing the right wedding catering company.

If you want to save money on your upstate New York wedding, we highly recommend a food truck wedding with Rogue Hospitality!  Not only will you be able to save money, your guests’ mouths will be watering at the sight and smell of our culinary creations.  With such delicious food, your reception is sure to be a success!

Still not sure if a food truck wedding is right for you? We welcome you to contact us today for more information. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and show you why this is an affordable and tasty option for your wedding.