Are Off-Site Alternative Wedding Venues Just a Trend?

Every spring something magical happens in upstate New York.  The snow melts, the ground thaws and the cycle of life begins yet again.  How does that translate to the wedding industry? Substitute “life” with “trends” and you have the newest hot topic in the world of weddings.  And like all […]

Are Off-Site Alternative Wedding Venues Just a Trend?2019-01-14T18:04:27-05:00

Barn Wedding Venues and Food Trucks

The Great Northeast is known for many things – One is magnificent and magical alternative wedding venues.  From historic mansions to restored barns to repurposed industrial spaces, there are more fantastic wedding venues than we can list.  If our food truck is catering a wedding One wedding venue that we […]

Barn Wedding Venues and Food Trucks2019-01-14T18:05:52-05:00

Our Favorite Seasonal Signature Cocktails

Every event deemed “special” deserves a signature cocktail. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a holiday party, or some other special event, so you should definitely start thinking of cocktails to match your theme.  Not only does Rogue Hospitality provide food truck catering services in upstate NY, we also offer bar […]

Our Favorite Seasonal Signature Cocktails2018-10-02T01:59:47-04:00

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

One of the biggest expenses you will have when planning your wedding is the venue, with catering being second. If you’re putting out a ton of money to rent a space for your reception, you need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why we wanted to share […]

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venue2018-10-02T01:54:11-04:00
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